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Tasia Duske


Tasia Duske

Tasia Duske is CEO of Museum Hack, a renegade tour company that is spreading the good word: Museums Are F***ing Awesome! Tasia’s expertise is in scaling scrappy startups to become stable, profitable companies. At Museum Hack, a 100% bootstrapped and fully remote organization, this work includes overseeing revenue growth from $1.2 million in 2015 to $2.7 million in 2017, and a team that has expanded from 30 people to 65. Tasia has a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Eastern Washington University, and is a fierce advocate for bringing joy, passion, creativity and integrity to your work.

Session Title: Museum Hack: Reimagining the Museum Experience

Did your last museum tour include wine and scandalous stories? Museum Hack tours do… plus secrets about the museum and selfies with a $45 million dollar painting. Tasia Duske, CEO of the renegade tour company the New York Times describes as having “a different sensibility”, shares with you ways Museum Hack reimagines the museum experience for millennials and people who think they don’t like Museums.