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As the Host City, we would like to welcome you for the 2017 Governor’s Conference on Tourism, September 24-26th.

Jackson, MS is known as the “City with Soul” because of her perseverance and her triumphant spirit. She’s birthed many historical marks that have shaped this country and beyond, from Civil Rights, to Civil War, to music, to world-class museums and exhibits, to thriving festivals and events, to award winning attractions to James Beard Foundation chefs and restaurants; she has so much to offer.

Steeped in southern culture, Jackson is home to a multitude of world-class painters, sculptors, dancers, actors, architects, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, and artisans of many disciplines. The city pulses with music from classical to inspirational, home-grown gospel, blues, jazz, rock ‘n roll, R&B and more that can be found all around town. Beautifully changing seasons offer numerous fall and holiday events rich with tradition, surprising spring flings for shaking off winter’s chill, and laid back summer celebrations that detour off the fast lane. Let us show you how it’s done in the “City with Soul”! Jackson’s a soulful kind of place for a weekend getaway, family fun, a group tour, a reunion, a convention or a small business meeting. After visiting, you’ll fall in love, losing your heart, but finding your soul!

The Music Scene
Jackson is home to more historical markers celebrating blues heritage than anywhere else in the state. You can find live music all over the city. From festivals like the Jackson Rhythm & Blues Festival, to Blue Monday at Hal & Mal’s or a concert at Thalia Mara, you can indulge in the music waiting to fill your soul. Check out F. Jones Corner for authentic Blues or Johnny T’s for a mix of Rhythm & Blues. Another great resource for upcoming music/show listings is ardenland.net.

The Arts
Jackson is a mecca for artists to express themselves. Legendary authors like Eudora Welty, Richard Wright and Margaret Walker Alexander called Jackson home. A plethora of artistic expressions exist throughout the “City with Soul” even the traffic signal boxes are included. Gallery 1 is a cultural meeting place where Art educates and enlightens the community. Offbeat showcases minority artists’ work as an alternative culture store.

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